Power Factor KVAR Application Guide

Posted on October 19th, 2016 by vapro

Table of Contents

The Purpose of Power Factor Correction

Page 1

Selecting Proper KVAR Units

Page 2

Motor KVAR Rating (Tables 1 & 2)

Page 3

Distribution System KVAR Rating (Table 3)

Page 4

Motor & Distribution Panel Installation Instructions

Page 5

Capacitor Connection Diagrams

Page 6

The Steelman Advantage

Page 7

KVAR Enclosure Sizes, Recommended Enclosure Specifications & Dimensions

Page 8

Wire Sizes, Switches & Fuses (Table 4)

Page 9

Automatic Power Factor Correction

Page 10

Harmonic Filters

Page 12

Three Phase Capacitor Formulas

Page 13

Capacitor Cell Specifications

Page 14

Free Power Factor Analysis

Page 15

Ordering Guide

Page 16

Two Year Limited Warranty Policy

Page 16

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