Sizing of Rotary Phase Converters

Posted on October 19th, 2016 by vapro

Steelman Rotary Converters are sized for motor applications by the model number. Heavy Duty units are designed to start a loaded motor, while Light Duty units are rated to start an unloaded motor. The first number in the model is the largest motor horsepower to be started. The second number is the maximum total connected horsepower to be placed on the converter. For example, an R-10/30-460-HD converter is designed to start up to a 10 hp. motor under load. The total connected load is not to exceed 30 hp. A minimum load of 25% should be maintained on the converter to reduce output voltage and keep the converter from overheating. In our example, the R-10/30-460-HD has a minimum load rating of 2.5 hp.

Refer to the Rotary Applications page for sizing converters for Center Pivot Irrigation systems, CNC equipment and welders.

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