Maintenance for Rotary Converters, Static Converters & Power Factor Correction Capacitors

Posted on October 19th, 2016 by vapro

Rotary Converters

To ensure proper operation and the long life of your Steelman phase converter, a couple of simple maintenance steps should be taken.

Before performing any maintenance, disconnect power and allow the converter generator motor to come to a complete stop. 
Check for dirt accumulations around and in vent openings on a regular basis to prevent overheating. Dirt accumulations should be removed by vacuuming. 
Lubricate the generator motor based on your usage. For continuous normal applications, the suggested lubrication interval is 9 months. Adjustments to the lubrication interval should be made according to your needs. Lubricate as follows: 
For R-7.5 and smaller units use #2 lithium base grease, and for R-10 & larger units use medium polyurea base grease. 
If motor is equipped with an Ale mite fitting, clean the tip of the fitting and apply grease gun. Use 2 full strokes. 
On units having drain plugs, remove grease drain plug and operate converter motor for 20 minutes before replacing drain plug

CAUTION: Keep grease clean. Lubricate units at standstill. Remove and replace drain plugs at standstill. Do not mix petroleum grease and silicon grease in rotary bearings.

HAS Static Converters

Regularly check amperages. If amperages are outside of the checkout limits found in the Static Phase Converter Installation Instructions, page 10, test the capacitors. Capacitor testing procedures can be found in the Troubleshooting section. 
Replace capacitors as required. 
Ensure that the Normally Open Contactor is dropping the start capacitors out of the circuit in a timely manner, to keep the start capacitors from burning up.

Fixed Power Factor Correction Capacitors

Check for illuminated pilot lights on a regular basis. 
Ensure that the installation location does not exceed ambient temperature limits. 
For units with vents, regularly check for good airflow and clean the vents.

Var Manager Automatic Correction Capacitors

Maintain recommended torque settings found on fuse blocks. 
Regularly check vents for good airflow and keep them clean from dust and other items that would block airflow. Vents should be vacuumed to remove any dirt or dust. 
If unit has air filters, replace them on a regular basis to ensure proper airflow.

Capacitor Converters

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