How to Test a Power Capacitor Cell

Posted on October 19th, 2016 by vapro

The capacitor cell is an integral part of all Steelman Power Products. Determining the status of a cell is vital to maintaining and troubleshooting Steelman Power Products. Capacitor cells are rated in microfarad and voltage. The easiest way to test a cell is to measure the microfarads with a meter. The microfarads should be equal to the microfarad rating or up to 5% over the rating. If a capacitor meter is not readily available, the status of a cell can sometimes be determined visually. If the cell can is "bulged out" or "pouched up" on the top, it is definitely bad. If oil is leaking from the capacitor cell, it is bad. Another way to test a capacitor that will tell you if the capacitor is holding a charge, but will not tell you if it is the full charge, is to test it with an ohmmeter. If there is an immediate deflection of the meter needle when applied to the cell terminals, the capacitor is holding a charge.

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